Seth Ovadia
Interim Co-Director
Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park (Sociology)
Seth joined OIRA in 2012, after holding positions as a professor of Sociology at Bowdoin College and Towson University. Seth coordinates the survey and research activities of the department and directs the team that is responsible for the administration of student evaluations of teaching. He is also responsible for the analysis of University and department rankings published by external agencies, as well as the execution of a variety of ad hoc studies. Seth is the author of 11 articles and book chapters and has made more than 20 presentations to professional conferences.


Timothy H. Wasserman
Interim Co-Director
M.S., Syracuse University (Applied Statistics)
Tim was a member of OIRA at its founding in 2006. Before then, he was with SU’s Center for Support of Teaching and Learning. As a programmer and one of OIRA’s statisticians, Tim is primarily responsible for supporting a variety of institutional research efforts including statistical analysis, predictive analytics, retention and graduation rates data and analyses, as well as a variety of other reporting responsibilities. He oversees OIRA’s admissions and student records reporting group. Tim has taught statistics at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and has numerous publications and presentations in the social sciences and education fields.
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Levi Peckham
Assistant Director
B.A., Berklee College of Music (Film Scoring)
Levi joined OIRA in 2012 after working as a Data Manager & Analyst at his alma mater, Berklee College of Music. In addition to being an accomplished audio engineer, lifelong composer, and music enthusiast, Levi has over 15 years of higher education experience at institutions in Boston and Minneapolis. He has held a range of positions with an emphasis on information technology, specializing in areas such as systems administration, data management, process and systems analytics, and operational and technical support. Levi’s primary responsibilities in OIRA include multi-system data extracts, synthesis, and validation for both statutory reporting (i.e. IPEDS, NYSED), annual surveys, and ad-hoc requests.
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Timothy J. Lally
Functional Business Analyst
M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology (Applied Statistics)
Tim provides technical support for OIRA staff related to various institutional data systems. His primary focus is acting as liaison between OIRA and Information Technology Services (ITS), translating function needs into technical requirements. He also coordinates ongoing data warehousing and BI projects. Prior to joining OIRA in 2006, Tim worked in IR at SUNY Upstate Medical University and in private sector manufacturing supply chain management.
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Lisa Cregan
Research Analyst
M.P.A., Syracuse University (Public Management)
Lisa’s responsibilities include assisting with creating and maintaining a database of key information for use in data reporting and analysis to ensure consistency and efficiency, serving as a source for data requests in multiple areas of enterprise data, and serving as liaison in collaborations with other offices. Lisa previously worked as an Administrative Analyst in the Onondaga County Department of Social Services, Children’s Division. She began working for the University in 2009 in Human Resources and joined OIRA in 2014.
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Pazy Davis
Research Analyst
M.A., Cleveland State University (Consumer-Industrial Research Psychology)
Pazy has conducted research for the department of enrollment management since 2010. This research includes collection of data from external sources, conducting surveys of admitted students, and statistical analyses. She also generates reports of admissions data. Pazy has previously held positions at market research firms where she was responsible for survey design, collection, analysis, and reporting.
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Amy K. Gardiner
Senior Institutional Planning Analyst
Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University (Experimental Psychology)
Amy produces research findings to ensure that decision making for university policy and planning initiatives is evidence-based. This involves working with the Director to understand the goals of the administration, conducting data collection and performing quantitative analysis, and communicating findings through writing, infographics, and oral presentation. Amy was previously an Assistant Professor of Psychology at a small liberal arts college. She joined OIRA in 2014.
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Julie Hall
Computer Consultant II
B.A., SUNY Oswego (Art)
Julie’s duties for OIRA include programming for online student ratings and online surveys, database design and management, data analysis, graphics design, and web page development. She is also responsible for computer software and hardware support. Julie began working for SU in 1989 at the Center for Instructional Development, later renamed the Center for Support of Teaching and Learning.
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Nancy Impelizzieri
Administrative Assistant
B.A., LeMoyne College (English)
Nancy manages OIRA’s front office reception area and provides word-processing, data entry, and secretarial support to the OIRA staff. Her primary responsibility is to lend administrative support and assistance to the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research. Nancy manages payroll, facilitates personnel actions, schedules meetings, coordinates office functions, and handles office expenditures and budget-related tasks. Other responsibilities include communicating with University departments and external organizations, records management, managing conference registrations, making travel arrangements, and training and supervising student employees.
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Edward A. Kiewra
Research Associate
Ph.D. (Candidate), Syracuse University (Higher Education)
Ed is involved in research initiatives on a variety of topics of University-wide importance. Additionally, he works with a variety of faculty and staff to conduct evaluation studies with a more limited focus. In this capacity, he assists in the formulation of goals and objectives, develops evaluation plans, designs assessment instruments, conducts interviews and focus groups, analyzes and interprets quantitative and qualitative data, prepares reports, and communicates findings to the appropriate audience. He is also responsible for the coordination, collection, and submission of data for the full range of guidebook and rankings surveys in which the University participates. Ed began working for the University on a full-time basis in 2000 and joined the staff of the OIRA in 2007.
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Kimberley Sallie
Senior Data Analyst
B.Comm., Carleton University; B.B.E., Brock University
Kimberley has worked as a data analyst at Syracuse University for 14 years. Her main responsibilities include creating/providing ad-hoc and routine data reports for Undergraduate Admissions, on both the applicant (PeopleSoft) and recruit (CRM) platforms. In addition, Kimberley has developed numerous audit reports to ensure data quality of Syracuse University’s Undergraduate applicants. Kimberley has also been involved in the testing of new views and new database software.
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Daniel Stevens
Student Data Analyst
Working for the Registrar’s Office since 2001 in support of Student Records reports and enrollment data to colleges, offices and departments all around Syracuse University, Dan’s responsibilities include designing, creating, and serving as liaison in collaborations with other offices, and implementing of routine and ad-hoc reports for Student Records on behalf of the Registrar’s Office.
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Scott Davis
Data Scientist
M.S., Syracuse University (Mathematics)
Scott’s responsibilities include supporting institutional decision and policy making via the extraction, management, analysis, and summarization of data from a variety of internal and external sources. These tasks require collaboration with university offices to obtain data, exploration of new data sets for incorporation into current and future research activities, and the creation of new tools to enhance the convenience, accuracy, and analysis of institutional data. Scott previously worked as a senior cost estimator for an independent, not-for-profit, research and development corporation focused on solving problems in the areas of defense, environment, and intelligence. Scott joined OIRA in 2016.
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Esad Alemic
Computer Consultant
B.S., Empire State College (Interdisciplinary studies with concentration in IS )
Esad is responsible for computer software and hardware support, website maintenance and development, and online survey creation. He comes to OIRA with a strong background in technology support and troubleshooting, web design and development. Esad joined OIRA in 2016.
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Chris Dunham
Data Scientist
M.S., University at Buffalo (Economics)
As an OIRA data scientist, Chris’ main responsibilities include supporting University decision making via the analysis and summarization of data from a wide variety of University databases and external sources. These activities include creating novel data visualizations and building custom interactive tools for data extraction, management, analysis, and reporting. Chris also assists with the analysis and communication of data from OIRA research activities. Chris joined OIRA in 2016 after working as a senior analyst with a global market research consultancy based in Syracuse.
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Harleen Singh
Data Analyst
B.S. Kansas State University
Harleen joined OIRA in 2016 as a Data Analyst. Her main responsibilities include working with Hyperion Interactive Reporting system, and creating and providing reports for data related to Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions. In the past, she has worked for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to create reports for PBS LearningMedia using the NextReports Designer system. Her past experience also includes webpage design, HTML/CSS programming, and Drupal/OmniUpdate programming.
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Brad Fetes
Research Associate
M.P.H., Upstate Medical/Syracuse University
Brad is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of research projects that inform strategic action by the University. He also works with newly collected and previously existing data to provide the University community with issues of interest to administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Brad joined OIRA in 2017.
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Christine Brophy
Research Analyst
Chubb Institute (Computer Programming)
As a Research Analyst Christine is primarily responsible for assisting with the compilation and submission of internal and external reports and surveys, as well as serving as a data source for ad hoc requests. Christine joined OIRA and Syracuse University in January 2018 after holding positions in IT with the Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Human Services, and Nielsen Media Research. Christine is a veteran of the United States Army.
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Sarah Smith
Research Associate
B.A., Ithaca College (Psychology)
Sarah contributes to the implementation of research projects conducted for the University with her experience in study design, instrument development, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Prior to joining OIRA in 2018, Sarah worked for a research consulting firm where she managed research and evaluation projects for various educational institutions.
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