OIR supports assessment undertaken by faculty and/or staff, within capacity, by providing the following services:

  • consultation to determine outcomes and assessment methods
  • instrument development
  • data collection, entry, and/or processing
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • reporting

These services are provided without cost (for exceptions, see Sponsored Programs and Sponsored Research policy statements). Other expenditures associated with assessment, such as material costs (letterhead, mailings, scan forms), incentives, processing of scan forms, and room rentals, are covered by the requesting department/unit.

  • Assessment of Student Learning accesses the various materials for documenting the assessment of student learning within each school or college. Guidelines, templates, and a checklist are provided for navigating the process. An additional resource includes links to the student learning assessment sections of the SU accrediting bodies’ and various professional organizations’ web sites. This section also highlights the history of student learning assessment at SU.
  • Assessment of Programs or Projects addresses the process of assessing, including defining goals and objectives, developing an assessment plan, collecting information, analyzing and interpreting data, and reporting findings. OIR staff is available to assist with any or all steps of the assessment process.
  • Informational documents on Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness (i.e., course evaluations) offer guidance on using student ratings, interpreting student responses, revising an existing or creating a new student rating form, and implementing teaching modifications in response to student feedback.
  • OIR provides scanning services for examinations and student rating forms (i.e., course evaluations). Instructions for using the scanning service, scoring and analysis options, and fees for services are provided.
  • The University Six-Year Assessment Plan identifies the current institutional research and assessment efforts of the University. The Six-Year Plan provides a long-term perspective regarding the University’s involvement in national research studies, external and internal reporting, accreditation, sponsored programs, internal research, assessment, and sponsored research.
  • Consultation with OIR staff and literature support from the OIR library are available assessment resources.

For more information on assessment or to discuss a specific project, please contact OIR.