Reporting Findings

A reporting format allows for communicating the assessment findings to the appropriate audiences. Different types of reports may be necessary depending on the needs and interests of the recipients. For example, an administrator may be interested in an executive summary of the assessment, whereas the director of the program/project may prefer a technical report. Assessment information can be shared in a variety of formats, including:

  • Written report
    • Technical report – includes the assessment purpose and questions, sampling procedure, methodology, analysis and interpretation, conclusions, implications, relevant attachments (e.g., survey instrument, focus group protocol)
    • Executive summary – an abstract of the technical report focusing on the conclusions and implications
    • Interim report – includes updates on the status of the assessment process to date; often requested when working on a long-term project
  • Oral presentation
    • Content of presentation dependent on the audience
    • A written report often accompanies an oral presentation
  • Media release
    • Newspaper
    • Journal
    • Website
    • Newsletter